Horses and ponies made to measure for their riders

The Villa Salada equestrian school, a center for equestrian shows and teaching equestrian or dressage Spanish and cowgirl, organized a gymkhana for children of all ages who demonstrated at a gallop the control they have over their horses. The obstacle course, with jumps and “zigzags”, was completed in an approximate time of three minutes during which the children and their animals worked as a team. In fact, this type of riding test rewards not only the skill of the rider, but also “the obedience of the horse”.
The children, who learn very fast, according to staff from the school that was yesterday organizing the activities, also achieve with this sport develop a special sensitivity and respect for animals. This was maintained yesterday by the owner of the establishment, Francisco Escribano, who explained that three categories had been established, one for children under eight years of age, another one up to 12 years old and the third one for older children, who could also be adults.
The minors, who are beginning to make contact with the world of equestrian sports, had mounts to suit them. The school provided six ponies, in addition to the 35 horses that met yesterday at the facilities of the Crevillent road (between Torrevieja and Los Montesinos). The participants in the gymkhana came from all the points of the Vega Baja, a region in which there is a lot of hobby, as Escribano explained, and which has made small farms grow in many towns.